Beau Gavin
DOB: 30/10/1996
Weight: 155lbs/70kg
Height: 5’8
Location: Liverpool, England
Occupation: MMA Fighter
Sport: Mixed Martial Arts
Accomplishments: 5x British Amateur Champion
Beau Gavin
How long have you been training: My farther got me into training when i was 5 years of age.
What got you into MMA: I used to love WWE wrestling so one day my dad took me to a MMA class witch was next door to my boxing gym And thats how i got into MMA.
What is your long term goal: UFC Gold
What is your proudest moment so far: Representing my country and earning my recent championship
Who has inspired you the most: My Dad
Favourite SA Product and why: BCAAs & Whey Protein, taste great and has help with my recovery after training so i can train harder in my next session.
How can people follow your progress: Follow My instagram page (beaujasongavin) for updates on my fights and training
Beau Gavin