Bobby Pallett

DOB: 30/09/91

Weight: 84kg

Height: 6ft 2

Location: North Wales

Occupation: Security Guard

Sport: MMA

Accomplishments: 1x amateur MMA title

How long have you been training: I’ve been training for about 8/9 years now… I started off doing Muay Thai classes once a week then gradually got into MMA and started training full time after about 3 years.

What got you into MMA: I was watching The Ultimate Fighter on tv it was the UK vs USA series and I was just hooked after that. I started studying the sport more and more and then a new MMA gym opened up round the corner from mine 6 months later, the rest is history!

Bobby Pallett

What is your long term goal: To get to the UFC and be a world champion! I don’t just want to get to the UFC, I want to stay there! & I truly believe I can do so.

What is your proudest moment so far: Turning professional June 2017 was my proudest moment because all the hard work and sacrifices I’ve made over the years proved to be worth it. After all the times people tried to talk me round telling me I was chasing something that wasn’t going to happen and I need to get a full time job because I’m wasting my time… turning pro made me realise I made the right decision.

Who has inspired you the most: In the early days I was very driven by Michael Bisping (former UFC middleweight champion) because he was the driving force for the UK and probably our best MMA Fighter. He had to work hard to get where he is today, and after all the years getting to that point and a few losses on the way he won the title so that’s inspirational for me, definitely.

Favourite SA Product and why: Psycho Whey is probably my favourite product it tastes amazing and 1-2 servings a day along with my meals I easily surpass the amount of protein my body requires for muscle growth and repair.

How can people follow your progress:

Facebook: Bobby Pallett

Instagram: bobbypallett

Snapchat: BobbyDazzler91

Bobby Pallett