Coner Hignett

DOB: 26/07/1995

Weight: 69kg

Height: 165cm

Location: Liverpool

Occupation: Professional MMA Fighter

Sport: MMA

Accomplishments: 3x amateur British mma titles

kickboxing black belt

2nd dan shotokan karate black belt

5-2-0 pro MMA record.

Coner Hignett

How long have you been training: Been training MMA 8 years now also trained karate since I was 10!

What got you into bodybuilding: My dad got me into MMA when I was young, I was alright at karate when I was 14 so my dad said I should give MMA a go, so I did and no here I am! 


What is your long term goal: I want to be the best fighter there is and will be! All the way to the top is my number 1 goal ?

What is your proudest moment so far: My proudest moment is hard to say, I take pride in everything I do so to just pick one is to hard to choose!

Who has inspired you the most: My dad has been a massive inspiration to me my whole life, always pushed me to do more and be better so I’ll have to say him! Also so many other people helped me out along my journey so far but my dads gotta be at the top!

Favourite SA Product and why: My favourite SA product has got to be the Maniac pre workout! When your on your 3rd session of the day that really gives you the boost you need!

How can people follow your progress: If you wanna follow my progress I’m on Instagram as handgrenade_01 or follow my Facebook page coner ‘the hand grenade’ Hignett! Also follow me on twitter at handgrenade_01!

Coner Hignett