Dan Higham

DOB: 24 08 89
Weight: off-season highest 17.4 onstage 14.4 SHREDDED
Height: 5,7 and abit
Location: Warrington
Occupation: self employed
Sport: Bodybuilding
1 year competing ..
Pca northwest first timers 1st
Overall 2nd
Wff U.K. Open 1st
Overall 1st
Nabba northwest class 2 1s

How long have you been training: 8-9 years

What got you into bodybuilding: watching ollie kearns
And watching Ronnie Coleman redemption DVD at a friends house at a young age. Blew my mind instantly wanted to be a jacked savage mother f-e

What is your long term goal: to win a British title and develop the best physique I possibly can

What is your proudest moment so far: winning Nabba show after watching them for many years wondering what i

Who has inspired you the most: My friend and coach Thomas young watching him win many titles with minimal help.
And of course the kings Dorian and Ronnie.

Favourite SA Product and why: seriously can’t choose a single .. all the products are of the highest quality. Psycho whey,amino madness,sarms and insane veins all next level products

How can people follow your progress:

Social media insta @ironhigham

Facebook dan higham