Gary Ferguson

DOB: 19/11/78
Weight: 19 stone
Height: 5ft 9
Location: Cumbria
Occupation: steel erector
Sport: bodybuilding
Accomplishments: u18 1st mr Cumbria
Nabba n/w firstimers 1st 2009
Nabba n/w novice 1st 2011
Nabba n/w class 2 split decision
Nabba n/w class 2 1st 2012
Nabba Britain class 2 4th 2012
Nabba England class 2 2nd 2014
Nabba universe class 2 6th 2014
Nabba worlds class 2. 4th 2015
Nabba England class 2 2nd 2016
2017 off.. ready to go for 2018 ?


Gary Ferguson

How long have you been training: 21 year

What got you into bodybuilding : started sprinting at a young age then went to circuit training followed by the gym.

What is your long term goal: go out on a good note

What is your proudest moment so far: placing 4th in my first ever nabba worlds

Who has inspired you the most: Ronnie Coleman

Favourite SA Product and why: maniac pre workout.. works everytime excellent product

How can people follow your progress: Facebook or Instagram


 Gary Ferguson