Leo Mayrhofer

DOB: 11.04.1992

Weight: 192bs (competition)

Height: 5’9 3/4 (177cm)

Location: Kassel, Germany

Occupation: Philosophy/Politics student

Sport: Bodybuilding

Accomplishments: 2nd NPC Southeast Classic

How long have you been training: 8th year

What got you into bodybuilding: I moved to a dangerous neighborhood in Berlin in 2010 and thought I should bulk up and be able to protect myself. Landed in a hardcore gym and directly started with a nutrition plan and a coach who believed in the principles of Mike Mentzer.

Leo Mayrhofer

What is your long term goal: Become Pro in the Classic Physique divison.

What is your proudest moment so far: Back when I was a bike rider and won my first top level race and afterwards the state championship.

Who has inspired you the most: It is not one certain person. But I like Arnold of course, but also Tom Platz and many others. And my grandpa who is still in amazing shape at 78 y.o.

Favourite SA Product and why: Tough one! I gotta name Antidote because it can be used for different goals and has the least harsh but very effective Aromatase Inhibitor in it! Can be used to increase Testosterone on cycle, off cycle (for nattys) and in PCT and also to inhibt aromatization at any time.

How can people follow your progress:

Instagram: @the_golden_physique

Facebook: Leo Mayrhofer