DOB: 2/6/1989

Weight: 100kg

Height: 6foot 1

Location: Chester

Occupation: Personal Trainer

Sport: Bodybuilding

Accomplishments: 1st place cumbria classic

3rd place Bodypower

6th place nabba British Finals

How long have you been training: 8 years

What got you into bodybuilding: enjoying improving my physique and seeing what i can accomplish

What is your long term goal: nabba class 1 british champ and to try acheive pro status

What is your proudest moment so far: coming 6th at the nabba british finals in my 1st year of competing

Who has inspired you the most: juan diesel morel serious work ethic and serious appetite

Favourite SA Product and why: insane veinz for that stooooopid PUMP

How can people follow your progress: VIA my instagram at @robbo89wink