Natalie Standley


DOB: 12.04.77


Weight: stage weight 54kg, current weight 61.5kg


Height: 5ft 7


Location: Birmingham


Sport: Bikini fitness


Accomplishments: 2017 3rd place PCA Finals Bikini Masters


2017 PCA Bikini Masters Welsh champion


2017 PCA Saxon Classic 2nd place

 Natalie Standley

How long have you been training: I’ve been a regular gym goer since I was 17… yep 23yrs… not always weight training though.. Was mainly cardio and classes to keep myself fit. I’ve been fully into weight training since November 2015… and I’m bloody loving ever minute of it!


What got you into bikini fitness: A visit to a sports therapist back in oct 15, They thought I had the right frame for bikini fitness and suggested I look into it… and that was it.. the seed was sown!!


What is your long term goal: Quite simply… to compete internationally


What is your proudest moment so far: Becoming bikini masters Welsh champion


Who has inspired you the most: Anita Herbert and Paige Hathaway.. both have amazing, to die for bodies… great work ethics and fabulous mind sets!!


Favourite SA Product and why: So, so hard to say.. but I have 2.. Maniac, has to be blue Raz flavour too!!! Super pump and zero crash!!! Absolute top product!! Also Lobotomised.. 2 birds, 1 stone.. burn fat, while you sleep… erm hello!! Total win:win


How can people follow your progress: @fitmomnat

 Natalie Standley