Patty Ryan

DOB: 02/07/78

Weight: 215lbs

Height: 5ft 8

Location: Cumbria/North West

Occupation: Bricklayer/Builder

Sport: Bodybuilding

Accomplishments: -Mr England 2007 ,1st timers 2nd

Mr U.K. 2007 ,1st timers 2nd

Lakes classic 2009 ,novice 1st

Lakes classic overall 2009 2nd

Mr North-West 2009 ,novice 1st

Mr Britain 2009 ,novice 3rd

Lakes classic 2011, open/overall 1st

Mr North-West 2011, class2 2nd

Lakes classic 2013, open/overall 1st

Mr North-West 2013, class3 2nd

Mr North-west 2015, class3 1st

lakes classic 2016, open/overall 1st

North-east Pca 2016, class3 1st

wff uk 2016 , superbody 2nd

Mr North-west 2016, class3 1st

Mr Britain 2016 ,class3 5th

MR UNIVERSE 2016, class3 6th

Mr England 2017 , class3 1st

Mr Olympus 2017 ,open/overall 1st

MR UNIVERSE 2017 , class3 Dnp

Patty Ryan

How long have you been training: I have been training for over 12 years and competing for 10 years , I was playing football at amateur level and training in the gym to build up but I fell more in love with bodybuilding than football.

What got you into bodybuilding: like most teenagers I was simply In awe of the watching films that had arnie , Stallone and van damme in , i would train my abs 100”s of times every night to build a 6 pack! Football was my main sport when I was younger but seeing my body change through the gym made me quickly realise bodybuilding would simply become my way of life

What is your long term goal: my long term goals and ambition is to win my class at the Mr Universe, it’s a hard task to fulfill but with SA NUTRITION behind me I know it’s achievable

What is your proudest moment so far: To win the Mr England as a SA Nutrition athlete this year was an amazing feeling but I would have to say placing in the top 6 of the Mr Universe last year (2016) is my proudest moment.. now I aim to win it.

Who has inspired you the most:  I think most people are inspired by arnie and he is definitely my inspiration, but I also get inspired by just normal everyday people who overcome obstacles and and tragedies that may halt progress or even make training difficult our very own Jay Vincent my SA team mate faces challenges everyday .. how can that not be inspiring.

Favourite SA Product and why: My favourite Sa product has to be psycho whey , tastes and mixes great but also helps me during prep and my off season making sure I get my protein levels to where they need to be to keep me at the top pushing onto the next level

How can people follow your progress: 

Facebook: Patty Ryan 

Patty Ryan