Scott Birch  

DOB: 23-05-1989

Weight: Off season-112kg Stage weight-100kg

Height: 6 foot 2

Location: Ellesmere Port – North West UK

Occupation: Personal Trainer, Online coach

Sport: Bodybuilding

Accomplishments: 2014 Miami pro – 3rd Place

2015 Miami pro – 2nd place and awarded my Pro Card

2017 Pca 4th place and qualifier for finals

2017 Pca 5th place British finalist

Scott Birch

How long have you been training: I started training young, about the age of 16. Young and naive however so my knowledge, dedication and passion at this point wasn’t the best. It wasn’t until I hit my early 20s that I really took my training to an elite level – monitoring my diet, cardio and regime specifically with a goal in sight, a goal to be the best I could.

What got you into bodybuilding: Me and my older brother were always fascinated by bodybuilders, I remember even watching the Rocky films from the age of 14 and mesmerised by the physique of Sylvester Stallone. So naturally being an athletic young lad who loved to play sports it was inevitable I would follow this path. My first step inside a gym was with my school as I was studying Science in Sport, that’s when I fell in love with lifting.. Now here I am.

What is your long term goal: I still plan to compete in the future, I love it and won’t stop until I get a top spot.. But I guess my long term goal realistically now is to use my knowledge to help others and build a life and a career for myself that I can enjoy everyday. Fitness helped me in so many ways – more mentally than anything else, and if I can project positivity like that on to other people then that’s a job worth doing.

What is your proudest moment so far: Although the Miami pro card was a huge step for me, reaching the British Finals of a much bigger federation and placing top 5 has to be my proudest moment. I competed against some of the best out there, and also an idol of mine – to reach his level after so much admiration was just something I never thought possible. You have got to keep chasing them dreams, because they’re possible.

Who has inspired you the most: I guess my inspiration changes in all honesty, but my original motivation came when I was younger, and that was my brother. He played a huge role in inspiring me, and as we got into this game together I always wanted to make him proud of what I was doing and what I could achieve.. He also competed and won his first show, so I always had to work hard because he achieved so much himself.

Favourite SA Product and why: Easy question, Maniac Pre Workout hands down. It’s not always easy keeping dedicated and training hard, so when I have had a long day I can always rely on Maniac to give me the energy, focus and pump I need to get a good session in.

How can people follow your progress: My main platform is instagram, scottbirch_vipfit. My website is where I will soon be writing weekly blogs and updating my personal progress, as well as my clients.

Scott Birch